Since the mid-80’s Chattanooga, the fourth largest city in the state of Tennessee, has been progressively moving forward to becoming one of the most economically viable communities in the south. The change from the industrial age to the new information/technological age requires a smart workforce to meet the ever growing demands of tech jobs coming to the city; and TechTown Foundation is poised to lead the way with programs designed to retrain the workforce.

The Tech Workforce Program (TWP) is an opportunity for deserving adults, primarily ages 17-50, to acquire the basic hands-on and experimental skills vital to our local workforce demands,” says Kevin Love, TechTown Director of Operations. “The TWP offers training in computer literacy such as coding and robotics, public presentation/communication skills, and soft skills such as leadership development, teamwork/collaboration and adaptability.”

In partnership with and with the support of the city’s Youth and Family Development Centers, TechTown’s objective is to extend its education offering to adults by leveraging community contacts that locate a minimum of 15 highly motivated individuals who are under-employed and/or unemployed adults. These adults participate in 7 weeks of front-end computer development (HTML, CSS & JQuery) and 21st Century skills (teamwork, collaboration and communications) training. The front-end development training will be delivered by TechTown Instructors and the 21st Century Skills course by Y&FD staff.

In a collaborative effort, key community nonprofits, workforce agencies, staffing companies, and labor participants will ensure that skilled participants have continuous exposure, access, and opportunity to unfilled technology jobs ripe in our community.

“Our goal is to get participants started in a career that will change their lives economically by obtaining jobs that earns them at least $35,000 per year,” adds Love. “Our success outcomes include attitudinal shifts, completed certifications, job placements and retention. We will work with local employers who are willing to interview candidates for potential employment at the end of the completion of the program.”

Applicants can access an on-line application on the TechTown website at the following URL: